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Traditional education systems can't always keep up with the fast-paced change happening in the world and they have never been designed to meet all of the needs of every child and family in our country.  Parents are charged with helping with homework, setting up virtual learning from home, or even taking on the full responsibility of homeschooling.  

At Ask the Teacher, it's our vision to collaborate with parents and deliver research based education services to students wherever they are learning.



Meet the teachers and staff members responsible for inspiring curiosity in our students and providing all of the services traditionally found in classrooms to children learning at home.

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Jodi Rabitoy


With a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Teaching Minor in Early Childhood, Jodi Rabitoy holds teaching licenses in the states of Wisconsin and Texas and has classroom teaching experience in every grade from Preschool through Sixth.  In addition to traditional classroom teacher, Jodi has home schooled her own children, built a piano lesson business, acted as a school-wide Math Interventionalist, and founded an Elementary School robotics team.  Jodi shares her experience with students using research-based practices and focuses on teaching methods that create an environment that is safe for students to have fun and make mistakes.


Classroom Teacher

Contributing Educators Wanted!

Ask the Teacher collaborates with professional educators that have earned Bachelor Degrees in Education and have classroom teaching experience.  If you are interested in remote tutoring or in teaching a class based on your expertise, please contact us.  There are students who need you and we are ready to help you connect with them!  We're always looking for the people who are inspired to bring out the best in learners.  Please join us and build on our base of knowledge and experience for the benefit of students everywhere!

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Ask the Teacher always has it's doors open.  Contact us to leave feedback, ask a question, share your work, or anything else.  We can't wait to hear from you!

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