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Welcome to a wild tale shared around the campfire one night, way out west. With the beautifully landscaped backdrop of Ten-Gallon Ranch, a young cowboy shares his story of a Ten-Gallon Hat, quail eggs, possums, and coyotes. How does he remember the details of this story? He cleverly draws a picture in the stars!
Not only an engaging story that transports the reader to a western ranch, but this book also helps to teach an easy way to remember the US customary system of measurement for units of volume. Real life examples are presented to help students visualize just how much is in a cup, pint, quart and gallon. Problem solving methods are unraveled as the story unfolds and an inspiring Math problem is posed at the end. This book is meant to be shared with Math students who are learning liquid measurement, who might benefit from a memory jogger, and who are ready for some fun!
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Thursday Thirsty- Jodi Rabitoy.jpg
The delightful tale of a teacher and her students presenting what they've learned about the days of the week. Enjoy as the first few children successfully announce each day of the week. Laugh as they run into an issue of classmates becoming thirsty as they wait for their turn in front of the audience. Will this group of kids ever get through the whole presentation and announce all seven days? 
A fun book to share with youngsters learning to read and spell the days of the week. Also, a clever play on words to help remind early readers to look at the beginning, middle, and end of a word when reading.
Yes Unicorn PDF.jpg
A story to help ease the anxiety children might have with Math, this book introduces a unicorn who absolutely loves to solve problems. Young readers will find that the unicorn knows a lot about addition facts but then get to see what happens when you don't know the answer.
Kindergarten and First Grade students will count along with each page as problems are presented, promoting the learning of one to one correspondence and helping them to remember double addition facts. Consider reading this book with youngsters to build resiliency in problem solving and encourage them to say, "Yes!" to Math.


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