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Included in this set are 22 Halloween themed worksheets designed for use with Second Grade students. Answer sheets are also included, where appropriate, making this an ideal resource for substitute teachers and homeschool parents. This is a great set of activities to have on hand as time fillers during Halloween and the days just before the holiday. Here's what you'll get:


1. Halloween Wordsearch Activity Sheet with separate answer sheet

2. Three Halloween Picture Tally Counting activity sheets with separate answer sheets

3. Halloween Draw/Write Worksheet

4. Four Halloween writing activity sheets with picture prompts

5. Pumpkin Outline drawing activity sheet, giving kids the chance to design their own pumpkin face.

6. Two Unscramble the Halloween word vocabulary worksheet, with separate answer sheets

7. Design your own 'Halloween Spell' fun worksheet

8. My Halloween Costume word activity sheet

9. Scary Animals writing prompt worksheet

10. Three Halloween graph worksheets with separate answer sheets

11. Halloween Characters vocabulary worksheet with separate answer sheet

12. Two 'Even and Odd' Halloween themed Math worksheets with separate answer sheets.


Try printing one of each for your students and collecting with a staple so that you'll have an independent work packet for early finishers or for students to work on at their desks while waiting for the festivities to begin!

22 Halloween Worksheets for Second Grade

  • This activity set will be delivered digitally after checkout and a link to download will be sent to the email address you provide.  The file is a PDF and a printed copy will not be provided.  You may print the sheets or share with children on any device that has the capability to open PDF files.

  • Created for use with Second Grade students, this set of worksheets might be just what you need to get through Halloween without losing learning time!  We suggest printing the set to have on hand for children to work on independently over more than one sitting as opposed to attempting to complete the work all at once.  Try this as a warm-up activity for students arriving to class or as a fill-in for early finishers during those long days around the Halloween Holiday!

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