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This is a no-prep, easy to print set of activity sheets designed to help students practice letter recognition.  In the style of a "word search", children circle the letters in upper and lower case as they sort through a puzzle of letters.  There is also a word and picture prompt at the top of each page that guides students through recognizing the letter sound and provides an example of the letter used at the beginning of a word.  

Great for use with Preschool and Kindergarten students as an independent activity when learning and practicing letter recognition and beginning sounds.

Find the Letter Worksheets

  • This set of activities will be delivered digitally at checkout.  An additional link to download will be sent to the email address you provide.  The file is a PDF and a printed copy will not be provided.  You may print for student use, or share with children on any device that has the capability to open PDF files.

  • Created for use with Preschool and Kindergarten students, this is a great activity for independent Letter Recognition practice.   We suggest printing the set to have ready for children to work on when they are in need of some English Language Arts practice, but there is little time for prep or clean up.  

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