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This presentation includes an addition and subtraction math puzzle challenge themed for each month of the year and includes three bonus puzzles. The first slide displays the math challenge, and the second slide shows the solution.


1. January puzzle (themed with winter hats).

2. February puzzle (themed with hearts and Valentines).

3. March puzzle (themed with St. Patrick's Day symbols).

4. April puzzle (themed with spring symbols).

5. May puzzle (themed with spring insects and flowers).

6. June puzzle (themed with summer insects).

7. July puzzle (Patriotic themed)

8. August puzzle (themed with sunglasses and sunshine).

9. September puzzle (themed with back to school symbols).

10. October puzzle (themed with candy corn and black cats).

11. November puzzle (themed with fall leaves).

12. December puzzle (themed with snowflakes).

13. Bonus puzzle (themed with school supplies).

14. Bonus puzzle (themed with football symbols).

15. Bonus puzzle (themed with electronic devices).


Designed for use with second and third grade students for problem solving practice with addition and subtraction, this is a fantastic resource to use as a class warm-up or exit activity. Especially handy for seasonal celebrations!

Monthly Math Puzzle Challenges

  • This set of activities will be delivered digitally at checkout.  An additional link to download will be sent to the email address you provide.  The file is a PDF and a printed copy will not be provided.  You may print for student use, or share with children on any device that has the capability to open PDF files.  

  • Created for use with Second and Third Grade students, this activity is fantastic to display during a seasonal celebration or as a fun exit ticket to close an addition or subtraction problem solving lesson.  These puzzle challenges are designed for higher level thinking while avoiding multiplication or division.  We suggest working through one of the bonus puzzles to teach skills and then using one of the monthly puzzles each month as fun independent practice work!  

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