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A set of Reading Response activity sheets to go along with the book:  Jam's Secret Words.  Included in this set:  


1.   Reader Response Questions Activity

2.   Character Study Activity

3.   Quick Story Writing Activity

4.   Writing Prompt Activity

5.   Printable Student Copy of the Book


These activities and the companion book are leveled to Second Grade reading experiences and standards.  Each activity requires no preparation and is ready to print for ease in use.  


Consider using our "Silent H Activity Set" for independent vocabulary and spelling practice while you are using these activities.  

Reading Response Activities: Jam's Secret Words

  • This set of activities will be delivered digitally after checkout and a link to download will be sent to the email address you provide.  The file is a PDF and printed copy will not be provided.  You may print for student use, or share with children on any device that has the capability to open PDF files.  

  • This lesson series was created as response activities to be used in companion with our book:  Jam's Secret Words.  Designed for students reading and working at Second Grade Levels and created by teachers familiar with Texas TEKS, Common Core, and the rigor that state standards demand.  

    The book and activities bring some inspiration and fun to your Reading Lesson, Literacy Circle, or Shared Reading Experience.  This is a fantastic resource to use with students as you begin to introduce Silent Letters in spelling lessons.

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