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Four activity worksheets and answer keys to help Math students learn and practice capacity.   These pencil and paper activities pair with the book Ten-Gallon Ranch available for download at this link:  Ten-Gallon Digital Download or buy your own paperback copy at this link:  Ten-Gallon Book.


Included in this set:


1.  Create your own memory jogger worksheet

2.  Comparing measuring tools worksheet

3.  Multiple choice vocabulary worksheet

4.  Problem solving questions activity

5.  Answer keys for each student sheet


This set can be downloaded for free as a PDF file and is printable and may be reproduced for use at home or in the classroom.  It's a great range of activities for any student learning capacity!



Ten-Gallon Ranch Book Companion Activity Set

  • This activity set will be delivered digitally after checkout and a link to download will be sent to the email address you provide.  The file is a PDF and a printed copy will not be provided.  You may print the sheets or share with children on any device that has the capability to open PDF files.

    This is a free resource and you have permission to share it for educational purposes.  

  • The author designed this set of activities for students learning about liquid measurement and capacity, typically in third grade.  When tested, we found that it was the most effective with that age group.  

    It's our suggestion that these worksheets be used with the book Ten-Gallon Ranch  available for download or purchase.  When paired, the two make for a fantastic  introduction to a full learning unit on the US customary system of measurement with concrete examples of cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.  

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