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Use this set of printable sheets as a quick game with your fifth grade students whenever you need to build teams or have a quick brain break.  Included in this set:


1.  This or That Worksheet Activity

2.  Second This or That Worksheet Activity (different student choices)


A fast resource to print and have on hand when you have a few minutes to spare after subject area content or as an indoor recess game.  Try allowing the kids to make their choices and then get into pairs or groups to tally the number that they have in common!

This or That Activity Set

  • This set of activities will be delivered digitally after checkout and a link to download will be sent to the email address you provide.  The file is a PDF and a printed copy will not be provided.  You may print for student use or share with children on any device that has the capability of viewing PDF files.

  • This resource was designed to be used with fifth grade students as a team-building game.  Our teachers tested this activity by having students work independently at first, and then in teams to compare and tally their answers.  Suggested for use with fourth or fifth grade classrooms or homeschools.

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